With you the poor

Alba Gamba Torrez

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

My greatest source of inspiration comes from my father’s diary, “With you the poor”, a collection of emotions that shows the world of simple people and a time relived by the pictures.

One of the purest demonstrations of love is to remember, and with these photos I remember the Bolivian shapes and the value of using natural materials.

In an environment where everything manifests itself externally and luxuriously,

I would like to forget you, but there you remain.

Deep inside I live in a hidden reality that is much overlooked, 

Yet willfully insists in remaining among us like a white color contaminated by blue.

If you couldn’t be with me, undeniable love, I would cease to navigate through life, but you stay with me.

Your truth assures me that nothing is a lie, and as long as I could feel it,

you would be my strength to defend an idea.

The desire to share one’s talents with others is my way to love.

As long as people have dreams in their hearts, they will not lose the desire to live.

Alba Gamba Torrez