Unsavory self

Lorenzo Sala

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

It all originated from a question posed by Shalva Nikvashvili: “Is the human being changeable and irregular or, on the contrary, does he possess a naturally uniform individuality?”. It led me to think about 5th century Greece: here we perceive the first attempt to rationally describe the concept of “beautiful” and “ugly”. I aspire to achieve a balance between beauty and disgust / horror. I feel the darker side of beauty has fewer restrictions because it hasn’t been explored considerably, which makes it more intriguing to exhibit. Marc Quinn is a precursor of this aesthetic of the ugly: he warmly wanted to insert his own DNA in one of his works, so he gave life to a cast of his face made with the blood that he took for years from his body. In fact, the collection contains passport photos that portray my parents in ambiguous contexts, human hair ties, …