Lukas Christ

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

Transalpina is the essence of craftsmanship and my remaining couture in the countryside in Austria. It’s been centuries since women were practising the same craft in the alps and the valleys. Some may forget but the legacy is still carried on. I attempt to give these forgotten crafts, silhouettes and especially the meaning of it a new visual. 

Transalpina is the dedication to the women in Austria who have been and still are the keepers of traditions. Neither the less I am displaying this collection through a filter that is my experience with the culture and giving it another dimension. I take and use what has been around for the longest time and reform it. 

Modern masculine silhouettes cut by feminine shapes are a contrast that opposes the contrast of durable fabrics with fragile embroidery and embellishment. Giving the hard work that’s comparable to couture the prospect to show the rigidness and power of these women who create it without scarifying their significance in appearance or easiness.

This is nature, this is history and the women in it. It is an essence and frame of mind that I discovered in my alter ego of TRANSALPINA.