The middle man of Enclosed Spaces

Madhav Bahety

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

The middleman of enclosed spaces started its journey as social commentary on the humanitarian crisis that is the state of migrant workers in Qatar. Countless tales of forceful passport seizures, neglected facilities both living and medical, and fraud by middlemen in, the hometown of Madhav Bahety, Kathmandu made him certain that his graduate collection should be an outlet to oppressed voices. 

Unfortunately, after exhaustive research and various attempts in building a creative direction, which could dance within the thin lines a fashion and social commentary, he soon realized that a six-look collection with this current skill set would be unable to realize his initial goals. 

Yet the idea of the cramped living conditions and the construction sites remain imprinted in his mind. Subsequently new research was initiated. One which would attempt to understand the various equipment, uniforms and color codes used for construction workers around the globe. 

Large Japanese working trousers served as the silhouette of the collection, the American use of utilitarian denim and holsters became the backbone of the collection and European synthetic materials along with hazard signs became the basis for prints. 

With the passage of time, the research of enclosed spaces led Madhav to the international space station wherein astronauts would be stationed within metal pods for weeks if not months. Their sleepwear became a point of particular inspiration as the large volumes contrasted against the minute size of their workstation.