Side of my face

Alessandra Gasparroni

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

-The collection name ‘Side of My Face’ comes from the artwork by Barbara Kruger in Untitled (1981).

-The collection aims to explore the demise of contemporary identity under the gaze.

-The gaze in contemporary visual culture theory originates from Lacan’s gaze theory, which is visualized in the movie <American Psycho>.

-With main inspiration comes from the movie <American Psycho>, I directly took inspiration for yuppie outfits from the movie, thus laying the tone of design for this collection, and using the typical pinstripe fabrics of suits, but with a collision, a method to meet the contemporaneity.

-Disenchantment is a concept, from which resisting the gaze and regaining the identity can be achieved. I drew from the Victorian pannier look and created enlarged silhouettes to exaggerate the curves of the hips to create a visual impact with the same concept.

-To show the dislocated identity in the reverse gaze, I used the reversed collar in some pieces, create an optical illusion. Also, inspiring by how the movie using mirror to represent the schizophrenic protagonist, I drew on the effect of broken mirrors, coming up with the multiple layers of repeated collars, pleated sleeves and deconstruction in the bottoms.