Martina Fazio

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

S-CAMBIO: An interaction between the inside and the outside, understood as appearance and substance, which regulates human relationships. An exchange in which what characterizes human values ​​prevails over ephemeral prejudice.

S-CAMBIO identifies the theme that has given rise to a deep reflection on the contemporary social world, placing the human being at the center as a single individual only content more in reality.

Nowadays we live in a “ready-made” world made of rules and formats that label people. Probably appearing is what makes us feel less alone or better, ending up building a mask to believe in. Everything becomes superficial and at the same time protects us: the layer of appearances transmits a dimension of the interior and preserves it.

We assign ourselves a mask according to the context, moving through defined patterns, accepting them without having the courage to reject them, even when they are contrary to us. Under the mask we inhibit ourselves so as not to collide with prejudices, to avoid being ashamed. Often, however, the instinct explodes by blowing up any modesty or inhibitory restraint: the mask breaks and we are like a violin out of tune, like an actor who plays a script that doesn’t concern him.

Ultimately, the goal of my collection is to give a sense of freedom and security to those who observe it. It allows anyone to play with their own image, creating a happy balance between the desire for conformity, approval and the desire for distinction, individuation and singularity.