Purity is a myth

Laura Rossi

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

‘Purity is a Myth’ is an image of Brazil and an avant-garde state of the art in 1967. Through the Anthropophagic Manifesto, stated by Oswaldo de Andrade, the Neo-concrete movement broke the idea of a universalist Brazilian culture and explored the concept of contamination within art. The body revealed itself as an experimental vector of the work’s existence in space and consequently, art was only being fulfilled with meaning when the public was engaging with it. This collection represents a hybrid and mixed culture, emphasizing movement, marginality, freedom, and participation within art. Through the use of contrast between elements, open and closed silhouettes, heavy shapes, vivid colors, and handpainted patterns, aiming to have no constraints within the body. Open shapes enable more than one person to coexist in it as an integral part of dual self-expression.