Giorgia De Carne

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

Perceivit is the name of my latest collection, a name that comes from the union of the term Perceive and the personal pronoun It, and which literally translates into “perceive it”.

It is none other than the fruit of the union of a beautiful Greek myth to which I am very attached, that of the Pandora’s box, and the perceptive phenomenon of synesthesia.

How did the union between these two main threads of the collection come about?

When Prometheus stole fire from Olympus, Zeus engineered his revenge on humanity by creating Pandora, the first woman ever to be shaped in the entire universe.

Very intelligent, capable and above all curious she was given in marriage to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, by Zeus, who gave her a vase to take care of as a gift for her wedding even if the God did not tell her what was inside, so the constant idea of ​​opening the gift and discovering what wonders were waiting for her began to take over her mind.

This curiosity leads her to open it by releasing all the “calamities” of the world, such as old age, envy, disease, madness and vice.

How do I think the Pandora myth relates to synaesthesia?

Opening the box, the girl opens her mind and her mortal being to a sensory experience made up of abstract, ethereal and immaterial entities.

How do you perceive them? We do not know, since in the myth such are described in a confused and not perceptible way through a single sense.

According to my reasoning, synaesthesia could be the first sensory response to this unresolved perception, given that Pandora embarks on a real perceptual journey with her mind, causing spontaneous and uncontrolled interaction and superimposition of several senses.

This reasoning derives from my consideration of the phenomenon as a gift, an additional talent to being mortal.

The intent of the collection was to fully explore this theme in all its cognitive facets introducing a mix between modern use and abstract thinking.