Mariagiulia Bertoni

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

Who has never had an AWKARD moment?  Bumping into a “Should I go first or should you?” on the street? failing to hold back a loudly grumbling stomach in the elevator?  being caught peeking at the neighbor’s readings
 public transport?  reciprocate the greeting to who, in reality, was giving a nod to someone else? ………… A list of the small embarrassing moments that can happen in everyday life have been made protagonists in the “Oooops” collection.

 What began to shape the aesthetics was the animated short “Awkard” by illustrator Nata Metlukh. In the video we can see how embarrassment manifests itself with body language: a simple redness of the face, for example, reveals this state of soul and the only thought that someone might notice it can create further discomfort.  The collection, therefore, focuses on the annoyance created by embarrassment, making it concrete and visible to the eyes of others with a hint of irony, almost provocative.

 The line is synonymous with a free femininity that expresses the personality of our woman:
 unscrupulous, able to confidently affirm her creativity through an unconventional aesthetic.

 In conclusion……
 ……. a different imaginary, a radical change that makes embarrassment an object of inspiration for people and no longer a limit.