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Giulia Castellini

University / School

Next Fashion School

My name is Giulia Castellini, i’m 22 years old, i’m from Modena.

I’m a fashion designer with knowledge, as well as in Trend research and reportoire development, pattern making/Cad and prototype.

This helps me interacting with all sectors of production.

Since when i was a child, i enjoyed dressing mannequins and making clothing items with blankets and pieces of fabric.

When i was in middle school, during the summer, i attended some tailoring classes in England in a small creative workshop. From there, i decided that i would have begun a real journey into the fashion world, starting from high school specializing in fashion, where i learned the basics of this craft.

Subsequently, i increased my knowledge at Nextfashionschool, attending the Fashion Global Design course, which includes the whole creative process.

I’ve always excelled in manual works concerning the creative and artistic field.

I consider myself very responsible and organized, i am determined in whatever i do and i put a lot of passion into it.