Mi Protesta

Alessandra Gasparroni

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

Influenced on a self-reflective narrative, Mi Protesta SS2022 was created seeking newness after the struggle that leads to new self-realization after relocating into a new space. My surroundings and rhythm changed, and I realized the different angles of our territory portrayed each person’s details. Utilizing technology and classical artisanal fabric weaving approaches. Communicating the sensation of feeling armed by incorporating utility wear and the contrast of the typical Guatemalan women’s apron elements, which symbolize and emphasize the rise of female labor work every day. Silhouettes persuaded by the guayabera, an emblematic shirt associated with the cultural life of Latin America. The incorporation of the botanical dystopia through deconstructed approaches on flowers seen on prints and accessories. The absence of threads on the heavy canvas epitomizes the interstitial space in the dysfunctional society I was raised upon. A neutral selection of tones to protest my silenced mind juxtaposes with the vibrancy of sky blue, burnt orange, and mahogany, which represents a new dawn for me.