Andrea Susilo

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

Everything starts with mad hatter, a mental illness which is the result of daily inhale of mercury that used to mold hat. Mercury poisoning causes neurological damage, dementia, and hallucination. I present these ideas through the volume and details.

The idea of how mad hatter dressed reminds me of teddy boys’ suit and functional military uniform. His high all the time look reminds me of similar trait in the “kinder whore aesthetic” in 90s.

Imagine if mad hatter sees the dance ritual called Tari Topeng from Indonesia,

he will see a captivating thing in his own way.

Tari Topeng is a traditional heritage; this dance ritual always has a storyline that present through dance and music. Every movement and mask represent trait of the character. Before the performance, the dancer has this ritual to call spirits to possessed them so they can perform in a beautiful way. 

Mad Hatter can see those dancers in different shape, color that others can’t. People think that his mental is the cause

but what if,

What he sees is the reality?

The real spirit who possesses the dancer, is the reality that other people not able to see.