La logica del disordine

Cecilia Volpi

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

Unusual, Personal, Particular and Beyond the Canons. 

The aesthetic expression of one’s self and of the normal life that flows, observed in a sensitive way. 

It is the deep and intangible inspiration, which brought me to define and create “My Collection”. Through which I placed myself at an interpretative level, escaping usual preconceptions and classic creation patterns…

The protagonists are people who are far from the frenzy of our time but who live with their own different speed. 

Elderly Ladies and Gentlemen, who “distinguished” by a broad and a profound culture, for whom the canons of the past are much more interesting and for which they remain more attached.

The collection is ideated as a “stylistic collection”, where each look describes the story of an individual, of a personality, with a name and a surname, portraying how that specific aesthetic, observed in a different and diverse ways, can result in a continuous explosion of creative innovation.