Martina Cesana

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

The countryside, a place of lightheartedness and reconnection with myself and my childhood.

A reality relived through memories, sensations and polaroids, witnesses of past lives and moments.

“Heimat” represents a place of the heart; it is much more than home, it is an ancestral link with our place of belonging. It comes from the free experimentation of shapes given by the deconstruction and reworking of women’s and men’s garments.

It is a journey into the memories of my family’s houses, of the scent of flower fields, of household linen hanging in the garden, of the freedom and joy of children in the courtyards.

It is reopening the doors of the attics with toys, the drawers of the pantries with striped paper coverings, observing the designed tiles in the bathrooms and the floral motifs of the wallpapers and household linen. Images and memories transformed into prints, colors and pendants.

“Heimat” represents a link with sensibility and pure life.

Its goal is to convey emotions, sensations that can be interpreted based on the story of each of us. A rapprochement with our memories that can represent a finding of our inner child. The awakening of authentic and naive emotionality.