Fragments d’intime

Giuliana Teresa Fraccalvieri

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

Spring/Summer 2023

Back to the origins, nostalgia for the past and tradition.

Craftsmanship and ancient popular habits seen and reinterpreted through a personal vision. Observing the old customs and lifestyle so humble but at the same time so true.

This is the starting point of “Fragments DIntime”.

The background in wich the research is developed has been during the first and the second after war, examinated in Southern Italy

Ancient arts that give masterpieces born from poor materials and waste, revisited, superimposed, modified or drastically changed, to return to appreciate that melancholy sense of home.

The rounded shapes combined with adhesions, the mixture of various embroidering fabrics, the layering and finally the particularity of various details, are the personal translation of some works by artists from Puglia taken into consideration.

Absence or overabundance? Sense of emptiness or fullness? Essence or non-essence? The silence in the crowd or the noise in the void.

White can be everything and nothing, it can develop, change, it can fill but also remove. We, through our perception, define the role it assumes.

From this point of view, white becomes the dominant color in the entire “Fragments DIntime” collection.