Early stages

Alessandra Gasparroni

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

The collection is inspired by the feelings of love and rejection we learn during a tender age. 

It demonstrates how it is possible to appropriate one language through the use of the body and redeem it from every patriarchal connotation. 

‘Sexualities are like languages: complex systems of communication and re-production of life’ We could speak multiple languages but, just like when learning the language as infants, sexuality gets imposed as a monolingual force.‘Language is a social artifact that we enter since a tender life through education, reading and writing, consumption of images, mimic and repetition, pain and pleasure … (Paul B. Preciado, Countersexual Manifesto p13)

Having reflected on the concept of early stages of learning I had decided to take a naïve approach to the way of constructing patterns.  All garments are built starting from a rectangular shape, creating 0 waste and disconnecting completely from any sociocultural meaning given by history to shape and volumes of traditional pattern making. Although the garments also remind to the typical costume of my hometown, Parre. In a sense it was a way of claiming my identity.

Each garment is thought to have one size and no gender. I regard that non-conforming fashion has, as many ways of being represented, as many people define themselves with its term. 

The clothes don’t force the body, eventually they change its morphology and perception, they are oversized and most of them can be personified by the wearer. Reinforcing the idea that there should be limitless ways of expressing the mind, as limitless as the ways to interpret a garment.