Giulia Huang

University / School

Istituto Marangoni

Timidly with lightness we take off our masks, our clothes, all superficiality, and we detach ourselves from the typical consumer society. 

Slowly we reveal our humanity, we are real, helpless, without any protection, we are naked, simply ourselves. 

The scissor in hand is cutting the pieces of that dress, it is fraying little by little, piece after piece, legs, waist, breasts are revealed. 

And she motionless with her legs, arms crossed, has an intimate gaze and stares into the distance. 

The volumes and lines were born from the composition of these scattered pieces of underwear, the raw-cut fabrics are reminiscent of the artist’s frayed garment. 

Light fabrics, nude almost transparent like a second skin, in which our poems and thoughts are imprinted, no longer fragility, but the courage to challenge one’s own shadows, without fear and without fear, because when we are exposed, we are more alive, and we are purer when we are defenseless.